Dog Training Reviews

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Myrna Kanaan
2 months ago –
★★★★★ Lexi and I had a fantastic training experience with off leash K9. There trainers are knowledgeable , precise and answer any questions you may have about the training process. They trained my dog at her pace and capability of learning … More
Chris Hengge
a week ago –
★★★★★ Working Nomad through the beginner track after having met with the trainer a couple of weeks ago for a puppy orientation class here in the Portland OR area. Michelle has been great to work with, very understanding, and working with us … More
a month ago –
★★★★★ Off the leash training in Hampton was awesome! Our German Shepherd behaves so well and we are constantly getting stopped so bystanders to tell us how well behaved she is. She is able to walk off leash even with distractions and follow commands. We highly recommend this training!
Will O’Neal
a month ago –
★★★★★ Our dog Remington was trained by Off Leash about 3.5 years ago. He was, in their words, one of the most hard headed dogs they had ever trained. Inside of their basic training class, he not only learned to be not so hard headed, but a … More
Kim Leagjeld
2 months ago –
★★★★★ This training program has made such a difference in our lives. We are now able to take our very high energy, high stress dog in public places without fear of how she will react. Where we once cringed to see another person walking their … More
Laura Labovich
in the last week –
★★★★★ Off Leash K9 Training absolutely saved my family and my relationship with my dog. Prior to finding Carrie and Tank, I was planning to find Harper a new home. He was growling, snapping and showing teeth to my kids and to other … More
Marie Douglas
a week ago –
★★★★★ Before I sent my 1yr old German Shepherd to off leash K9, my female drove me insane with all the nonsense barking, not listening, being dog reactive, pulling hard on the leash when we walked and other misbehaving antics. Even though … More
Char E.
a week ago –
★★★★★ We took our 14-month old GSD Redd to the 2-week board and train in August 2016. His trainer was Michelle Guarino. The results were incredible! Weighing in at 85 pounds, Mr. Redd was quite hard to walk, especially if there was another … More
Susan Vargas
2 weeks ago –
★★★★★ This was a fantastic learning experience for both myself and my pit bull. Trisha the trainer in Portland Oregon was amazing. We had almost immediate response to the training. I was flabbergasted at the results. Trisha also helped me … More
Lee smith
a month ago –
★★★★★ I attended the K9 Courses in Fredericksburg, I purchased the basic and advance for two dogs. My dogs are Hounds that would literally pull our arms off on a walk, they would not listen and really ruled the roost. I was apprehensive … More
Geo G
a month ago –
★★★★★ Never been a customer but have watched several videos and have exchanged emails. All emails were promptly and courteously responded too. All the videos are under real life situations and distractions. If they had a location close to me I … More
robin sullivan
a week ago –
★★★★★ After training with Off-Leash, I took My 1-year old Vizsla, to NYC to visit my daughter. He was the star of street for sure! Passers-by on sidewalks, subway, outdoor restaurants and parks regularly stopped to comment on how obedient and … More
Kim Holloway
a month ago –
★★★★★ I loved the service! My dog was a loveable, goofy, and adorable – but also a total psychopath. He’d jumped, he flipped, he bolted out the door, he was MANIC. Since we worked with OLK9 to get him trained, he is definitely a better, more … More
Sevil Gulsen
a month ago –
★★★★★ We are four lessons into our training and it has made a big difference with our Chocolate Lab puppy. So much so, that our vet commented how well behaved she was and asked for the name and number of our trainer. She said usually labs … More
Dave Bergren
4 months ago –
★★★★★ I can’t express enough how helpful Off Leash K9 training has been for us. We have a 60 pound 6 month old male German Shepard and he is very intense to say the least. In just 4 lessons with Trish and Bruce he is like a different puppy. He … More
Vicky Brown
a month ago –
★★★★★ Our trainer was Roger White of Urbana, Ohio. I use the word our because he not only trains you dog, but you also. I have a three year old Boxer who had a mind of his own. After the first few minutes of the first lesson he was paying … More
Ky Dan
a month ago –
★★★★★ hi there to every one i have been looking in to off leash k9 for a while waiting till i can save up an get my dog in to them ive read a lot of your post an glad to here great reviews on them an to the ones about there contact with … More
Nicole Sweder
4 months ago –
★★★★★ When we first heard about Off Leash K9, I was in mobilization to deploy overseas with the Army, and the folks here were very flexible and understanding with finances and budgets, they worked out a great plan for me. Our GSD, Bailey, has … More
Chelsea Rinehart
2 months ago –
★★★★★ K9 unleashed CAN teach an old dog new tricks! I adopted my highly distracted, dog-aggressive boy at age 4, and I struggled for two years to take him on walks or trips without incident. He would go full Cujo on Sandwich board signs and … More
Suzie White
2 months ago –
★★★★★ We are currently taking our boxer with anxiety aggressive issues to Off Leash K9 training in Woodbridge and working with Morgan. After each lesson we are seeing major results. We have been dedicated to practicing what they teach us. … More
Frank Mills
3 months ago –